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The Logbook of a TAP Air Portugal's Flight Attendant

About LisbonJet
My name's André, I was born in the 80s and I grew up as a proud airline brat. My father was an Aircraft Mechanic who started working in the industry still in the years of piston-engine airliners.

My father in front of a Super Constellations in the 60s

TAP Air Portugal has always been present in my life and this proximity made me an unconditional enthusiast of aviation and travel.

My TAP's health card and junior pilot wings

I still remember the little kid's excitement whenever I was given the opportunity of a hangar visit or the anxiety before each flight.

I was never good at drawing but I gave it a try

Because of my passion for airplanes, I started my degree in Aerospace Engineering. In 2004, I applied for a job as an Aircraft Mechanic with TAP but somehow I wasn't eligible for that position.

Why LisbonJet?
TAP's flagship in the eigthies was undoubtedly the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar which became my all-time favorite aircraft. In 2007, I decided to take a gap year in my studies and applied for a Flight Attentant position with a small portuguese charter airline called Luzair.

Luzair Certificate

They were the perfect fit for me because they flew the good old L-1011 and they were a ACMI provider flying all over the world. Their callsign used in the ATC communications was "Lisbon Jet" which I adopted as my nickname.

First days as a Flight Attendant

The Logbook
When I started operating the Hajj season flights in November 2007, I thought it was such a great life experience that was worth to be saved in some form of a diary and to be shared with others. That's how the blog was born although I never imagined to keep it alive after the Hajj. But following the success of the initial posts which had great feedback from my readers, I decided to maintain the blog and write about my flights and trips either as a crew member or as a passenger on holidays.

TAP Air Portugal
Since I felt comfortable and happy with my new job I decided to apply for TAP in December 2007. This time I was successful and I finally fulfilled my dream of working for TAP Air Portugal, starting from July 2008.

Final Examination Flight

In 2009, I decided to go back to my university and in 2011 I finally got my Aerospace Engineering degree at the same time I was working and flying all over Europe. It was not easy but I made it.

Aerospace Engineering Certificate

But my aeronautical background wouldn't be complete until I got my Private Pilot Licence in 2014.

Private Pilot Diploma

It was also in 2014 that I started flying the intercontinental routes of TAP Air Portugal and until today I remain qualified in all aircraft types of the fleet except those operating for TAP Express.

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